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  • Do you need a Personal Technology Consultant to help you set up your iPhone, Android or other device?
  • Are you frustrated trying to sync your handheld device with your PC or MAC?
  • Do you live in fear of losing the addressbook on your pda or phone?
  • Do you need reliable and bullet proof email that doesn’t go down, have problems or lose things?
  • Want to be sure that your technology systems are backed-up, reliable, bulletproof and wireless?
  • Do you or your staff need access to critical information and company resources when out in the field?
  • Do you just need help with some piece of advanced technology that’s invaded your life and won’t work properly?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, please Skype, Wickr, Text or Call me for a Free Personal Technology Consultation:

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Over 20 Years of Tech Expertise.

As a Wireless Concierge / Wireless Technology Consultant / Personal Technology Consultant, I live, breathe and sleep “geek-speak.” So I can quickly determine the type of phone, computer system and platform that will best meet your needs. Plus, I can design systems that are as basic –– or as sophisticated –– as you like.
I’ve been working in IT and Wireless Telecom since the mid-1980s. My unique background as a Wireless Technology Consultant has placed me at the nexus between the old PC-centric wired universe of yesterday, and the new “always on, always connected,” wireless-centric universe of the future.

Consult a Personal Technology Consultant For Your PC & Telecom Problems.

You learned long ago to surround yourself with professionals who help you attain your personal and professional goals. In fact, you keep many of these professionals, such as a lawyer or an accountant –– on retainer to help you at a moment’s notice with their advice and counsel.

So where do you go to sort out the increasingly complex world of wireless and computer technology? You may need a Personal Technology Consultant who can translate technological lingo into everyday language. You may require the services of a Wireless Technology Consultant to help you choose the phone, handheld device or laptop that best fits your needs. Or you could rely on a Wireless Concierge to design a system that’s customized for your home or office.

For your Free Personal Technology Consultation to help you understand your systems, networks and devices that carry and store your intellectual property, calendar, and contacts, please call me at your convenience or write me an email by using my Contact Page.