Learn to Fly!

This is a bit off topic for my website (may turn this page into its own website later), but for now….

I am also a Certified Flight Instructor with over 1000 hours of time teaching people to fly both from the ground up (so to speak) as well as in the clouds without reference to the ground. IFR in aviation speak.

Cirrus SR20

Cirrus SR20

My current plane is a Cirrus SR20 (like the one to the left here). It is an advanced, glass cockpit, 4 place, single engine low wing aircraft and the only one designed around an integrated parachute system.






Glass cockpit simply means that the traditional flight instruments are replaced with multifunction computer displays. The airplane has as much navigational capability as most modern airliners.





Cirrus SR20 Cockpit

Cirrus SR20 Cockpit











If your looking for good materials for getting started learning how to fly, I’m a big fan of Rod Machado’s books. You can see them here:


I teach at KDVO, Gnoss Field in Marin County with the lovely folks at Scanlon Aviation. Check them out here.