Remote Support

You are probably on this page for one of two reasons:

  1. You are trying to understand what “Remote Support” is.
  2. Or

  3. We’ve spoken and you want to initiate a session.

Easy questions first…..
To setup a remote support session please click on the button below and enter the key that I have given you.

In the first case….
Remote support simply means a system/process whereby I can, via the Internet, log into your computer and see your screen, use the keyboard, mouse etc. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to describe something blindly to tech support over the phone. With this system I can see what you see and if I need to dive into some “technical” areas of your computer I can do that without having to painfully describe each step to you.

As long as your computer and Internet connection is sufficiently healthy to access my website and run the required software you and I can collaborate over whatever problem you may be having right then and there. No appointments, on-site visits or delays.

Yes, this connection is 100% secure using the latest encryption technology and since you have to initiate the connection from your end, nobody can get into your computer (including me) either before or after our session.

After we’ve discussed your problem via telephone or email I will give you a unique “Key” which we’ll use to establish the link. That key can only be used once and will expire after our session.

For me to be able to support you in this way all you’ll need is a dedicated Internet connection, a Windows (XP or later) or Mac (OS X 10.4 or later) computer and the ability to make what are called “direct outgoing TCP connections”. A fancy way of saying you probably can’t be behind a corporate firewall that filters lots of your traffic. These work too sometimes, it depends on what your company’s IT department has setup.