I cater to individuals and celebrities, as well as professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses of various sizes.

I tend to work best with those who prefer to deal with a competent, mature, and trusted professional.

My Specialty Areas include:

For Novices:


  • Custom email domain acquisition, setup and professional hosting.
  • Wireless Technology Selection – Choose the system that best fits your needs
  • Wireless Concierge Services – Work with you to find, setup and use a wireless system
  • Personal Computer Design, Setup & Backup Strategy – Choose the right computer, platform and backup system
  • Personal Computer Networking Design/Setup – Network your computer with others in your home or office
  • Blackberry & iPhone Support & Training – Help you get the maximum utility from your device.
  • eMail Systems Design & Wireless Mobilization – Set up your eMail and connect it to your wireless device

For Entrepreneurs and Businesses:

  • 99.9% up time reliable email hosting, backup, archiving and Tier 1 support
  • Wireless Technology Selection
  • Wireless Concierge services
  • International Travel Planning & Support
  • Blackberry Support & Training
  • iPhone Support & Training
  • General Wireless PDA Setup & Training
  • eMail Systems Design & Wireless Mobilization
  • Internet Firewall Design/Setup
  • Remote Support (via 100% secure remote access technology)
  • Virtualization of Your eMail, Wireless & Technology Systems

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