“Robert is very reliable and extremely pleasant to work with. He has resolved a wide range of computer issues for me. His service has proven invaluable to my day to day operations.”
–Lisa, Controller, Castle Hill Productions

business-people“In the New World of Digital Photography, an understanding of computers and various applications is a necessity. Of course, you need to know where and how to begin; how to install peripherals, e-mail programs, networks, POP settings, etc. Thank heaven for Robert Tarleton. ”

“Robert educated me through the complete process. As I sat in front of my new computer, I have, on occasion, banged on keyboards, CPU’s and monitors, cursing the day I was forced to succumb to the new technology. Through subsequent hard drive crashes, a change of address, or just those “What the Heck” moments, Robert has been there for me, calmly and methodically holding my hand through the most frustrating of tasks. His comforting and reassuring demeanor, and his ability to quickly analyze and correct what seemed to be an insurmountable issue, has saved me hours upon hours of lost productivity. He has always given me his undivided attention, putting in layman’s terms how to fix a problem over the phone, or at times, just logging on to my system and with a few knowledgeable clicks, correcting what neither I nor “A Customer Support Specialist” could fix, let alone diagnose. ”

“With Robert’s knowledge of current and future trends, and state of the art devices, he has also gently nudged me into the future with regards to communications and exciting applications. Robert has become an important part of my business as well as a trusted friend, without whom, I would still be fumbling in the “Dark Ages”. We all need a Robert Tarleton in our lives. It just so happens, I am blessed with the knowing the original. ”

-Professional Still Photographer

“Robert knows his craft extremely well, and is adept in translating the language of technology into every day terms. He is efficient, reliable, effective, and pleasant. I rest easy knowing that my data is securely backed up at all times, given the stringent requirements for data management demanded by my profession. ”

-Dr. W. , psychologist in private practice

“When I suddenly couldn’t send email from the Microsoft Entourage account on my Mac, the first person I called was Robert. Though five different techs at Comcast insisted that the problem was on my Webmaster’s end because he hosts my email account, Robert immediately diagnosed the problem. Comcast had made firewall and port blocking changes on their system and had not yet told their techs about it. My Webmaster then changed my port default and everything worked again. Thanks so much, Robert! You saved the day.”

-Gil Zeimer, Copywriter, Zeimer’s Advertising Shoppe